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COSTA RICA, Corcovado National Park (January 2016)
HANOVER, GERMANY (October 2015)
HAWAII (August / September 2015) - Islands of Hawaii ('The Big Island') & Kauai
SCOTLAND (July 2015) including Rothiemurchus Ospreys (GJ Wildlife Photography) and Chanonry Point (Moray Firth) dolphins
FLYING LITTLE OWL (May 2015) - Neil Neville / Nature Photography Hides
KINGFISHER / CUCKOO / SPARROWHAWK HIDES (May 2015) - Alan McFadyen / Scottish Photography Hides

HELP!! I've added a page for unidentified birds which I've encountered abroad. Let me know via the Contact page or email if you can identify the unidentified! Also please help me by correcting any misidentified species or otherwise incorrect information. Many thanks.

A re-cropped version of this Stoat in snow image taken at Holme Dunes, Norfolk has been used for one of NWT's 2015 Christmas cards.
Shag standing upright on rock, Staple Island


Unidentified Cisticola BIRDS
Includes images of species from the UK as well as Costa Rica, St Lucia, Kenya, South Africa, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand & China. UK bird photos were shot mainly in Oxfordshire (Otmoor RSPB & Farmoor Reservoir) and Dorset (Brownsea Island & Arne RSPB).
Close-up of a Badger at night from the Speyside Wildlife hide WILDLIFE
A collection of animal photos from around the world, mainly UK, Kenya and South Africa but also a few from USA and Australia. This portfolio includes both animals in wild and those that are captive, for example, in zoos.
Colourful rocks at Gunnuhver Hot Springs, Iceland TRAVEL
Some selected shots from my travels. Long haul destinations include South Africa, China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & USA. Closer to home, there are images from both UK & European (mainly cities) locations.
Army Ants on the march, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica INSECTS
Green Iguana resting on branch, Costa Rica REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS Common Spotted Orchid PLANTS