Sand Lizard (breeding male)

Sand Lizard (breeding male) - REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS
Arne RSPB Nature Reserve, Dorset (May 2011)

Gently held by a licensed handler during a Reptile Ramble at Arne

Nile Monitor basking


Adder basking in the sun above Tilly Whim Caves
Nile Crocodile basking, South Africa
Common Toad, Otmoor
Common Toad reflection in a puddle, Otmoor
Nile Crocodile on the edge of the lake
Nile Monitor basking
Common (or Viviparous) Lizard
Close-up of Nile Crocodile head
Adder basking in the sun above the entrance to the Caves
Gecko clinging to vertical tent pole in Rekero Camp
Common Toad in a water-filled ditch at Otmoor
Common Frog amongst frogspawn at Otmoor
Common Frog watching over a mass of frogspawn at Otmoor
Grass Snake basking at Otmoor
Plumed Basilisk illuminated by a shaft of sunlight at Tortuguero