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ICELAND - East Fjords (June 2017)
ICELAND - Selfoss, Jokulslaron & Lake Myvatn - Subarctic Birdlife trip by Natures Images led by Danny Green & Paul Hobson (June 2017)
THE BIG CAT SANCTUARY, Smarden, Kent (April 2017)
COSTA RICA - Juan Castro Blanco & Piedras Blancas National Parks (January / February 2017)
PANAMA (August / September 2016) - Gamboa (including Pipeline Road), Boquete & Bocas del Toro
SCOTLAND (August 2016) including Rothiemurchus Ospreys and Chanonry Point (Moray Firth) dolphins

HELP!! I've added a page for unidentified birds which I've encountered abroad. Let me know via the Contact page or email if you can identify the unidentified! Also please help me by correcting any misidentified species or otherwise incorrect information. Many thanks.
Great Skua attacks Arctic Tern colony, Iceland


Unidentified Cisticola BIRDS Leopard with Reedbuck kill by a tree WILDLIFE
Lady Bowen Falls TRAVEL Bee & Spider on a Thistle INSECTS
Brown Basilisk (male), Tortuguero, Costa Rica REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS Common Spotted Orchid PLANTS