Welcome to a collection of my bird photos from around the world. They are categorised first according to location and then according to species. Consequently, on occasion, images of the same species may appear in multiple location portfolios. Please use the search facility to rapidly locate all photos of a particular species. A search may also be useful in speedily navigating to a particular species within a large portfolio such as British & European Birds.

I'm interested in all types of bird photography (portrait, close-up, flight, action, behaviour) - I'll try my hand at most things. The vast majority of shots are taken in the wild. There are a few of captive birds - these are identified as such.

Please let me know if I've wrongly identified a bird via the Contact page or email. Also, I've created an UNIDENTIFIED BIRDS portfolio which contains those birds for which I'm unsure or haven't a clue about their identity. Drop me a line via the Contact page or by email if you can help. Thanks.

The quality of the images varies. Hopefully you will agree that the best of them are of reasonably high quality and you will enjoy them. There are some of lesser quality and a few record shots which act as placeholders to remind me to do better next time if I can and I have the opportunity!
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