Boa Constrictor head, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Boa Constrictor head, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica - REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS
Copa De Arbol Beach & Rainforest Resort, Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica (January 2018)

This snake was seen at the end of the Loop Trail at Copa De Arbol. I emerged from the rainforest to see a member of staff together with some guests obviously grouped around a subject of interest. I assumed a bird so was looking in the bushes but saw nothing then I glanced down to see this large Boa moving slowly on the ground apparently unconcerned by the attention it was attracting. Estimates as to its size varied but I guessed at least 6 feet (2 metres), so large that I couldn't get a photo of its whole length.

Also known as Red-tailed Boa or Common Boa. For more information on this snake species see:
Boa constrictor / Wikipedia
Boa constrictor / The Reptile Database

Shooting Time 16:27
Tv(Shutter Speed) 1/160
Av(Aperture Value) 3.2
Exposure Compensation -1/3
ISO Speed 2000

Latitude 08 41 32.9 N
Longitude 83 41 18.1 W
Altitude 46.40m

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