Fer-de-Lance (Bothrops asper) close-up, Costa Rica

Fer-de-Lance (Bothrops asper) close-up, Costa Rica - REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS
Playa Cativo Lodge, Gulfo Dulce, Costa Rica (January 2017)

Fer-de-Lance (Bothrops asper) or Terciopelo is a highly-feared and dangerous venomous snake of Central America. This snake was encountered during a guided walk at Playa Cativo Lodge. During the tour, there was a stop for a coconut-opening demonstration at the organic garden. One of the staff went to take a coconut from a pile but immediately recoiled upon spotting the snake which then disappeared under a fence. It was chased out and exhausted before placing in a covered bucket for later return to the rain forest. I took the opportunity to take a few photos in its exhausted state at a safe distance!

For more information on this snake species see:
Bothrops asper / Wikipedia
Bothrops asper / The Reptile Database

Shooting Time 09:22
Tv(Shutter Speed) 1/640
Av(Aperture Value) 4.0
Exposure Compensation -1/3
ISO Speed 2500

Latitude 08 40 31.0 N
Longitude 83 18 42.6 W
Altitude 8.40m

Brown Basilisk on tree root, Playa Cativo Lodge, Costa Rica


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