Green Iguana dozing in sun, Costa Rica

Green Iguana dozing in sun, Costa Rica - REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS
Bridge over Rio Frio, San Rafael de Guatuso, Costa Rica (August 2012)

This image was taken at a stop at San Rafael de Guatuso during an excursion from Leaves and Lizards Retreat to CaƱo Negro National Wildlife Refuge. The Green Iguanas can be seen around the bridge over the Rio Frio on Route 4.

Also known as Common or American Iguana. For more information on this species of lizard see:
Green iguana (Iguana iguana) / ARKive
Green Iguana / Wikipedia

Tv(Shutter Speed) 1/800
Av(Aperture Value) 2.8
Exposure Compensation -1/3
ISO Speed 160

Green Iguana close-up, Costa Rica


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