Colourful rocks at Gunnuhver Hot Springs, Iceland

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Colourful rocks at Gunnuhver Hot Springs, Iceland - Iceland
Gunnuhver hot springs, Reykjanestá, Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland (March 2014)

The geothermal area of Gunnuhver is situated on the Reykjanestá which is the most south-westerly point of Iceland. It is easily reached by driving along Route 425 west of Grindavik which is close to the Blue Lagoon. I was the only visitor at the time. Sulphurous steam ejected from fumaroles and mud pools was billowing in great clouds across the site, often obscuring the sky and the geothermal features while also enveloping me on occasion. The different colours in the image are due to brown and white clays, yellow sulphur, grey iron pyrites (iron sulphide) and blue copper minerals.The Reykjanesviti lighthouse can be seen from Gunnuhver and is only a short drive further along the 425.

Tv(Shutter Speed) 1/30
Av(Aperture Value) 22
Exposure Compensation +1/3
ISO Speed 1250

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